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About SynPlanet

The SynPlanet Metaverse is a digital environment that mirrors the physical world and allows for the creation and exploration of new, unique environments. It is designed to be an extension of the physical world, with no real-world boundaries. The metaverse uses real-world imagery to create identical buildings, roads, and landscapes. By augmenting the digital twin, it is possible to extend past current physical boundaries and create new environments.


SynPlanet is a company that believes in empowering users by giving them ownership of their personal data through the use of NFTs (personal digital IDs). We believe in making privacy protection available to everyone for free, and we prioritize this over maximizing profits. We believe that the current system too often allows bad actors to abuse personal data and undermine democracy, and we want to help change that. Our goal is to set a new standard of trust online. We simply choose not to squeeze every last drop of profit at the expense of society and democracy. We say: Power to the people.
MetaShopping - Discover the future of shopping with SynPlanet Metaverse! Our marketplace allows businesses to showcase their real-life interiors and shelves, giving you an immersive shopping experience. Don't miss out on the convenience and fun of virtual shopping with SynPlanet Metaverse.
Real Estate on SynPlanet Metaverse lets you explore properties for rent or purchase, see the surroundings, and watch sunsets and sunrises. Plus, our GIS-linked key lets you get a smart key for the property. You can also showcase invisible objects for users to explore. Users can place their virtual objects within the property to see how their furniture fit.Or they can try to design property the way they like. This is great for buying, selling, and renting like Airbnb.
CityTwin on SynPlanet is a platform that allows users to experience real-time, data-rich versions of their cities. It provides users with access to information about local issues, traffic, weather, air pollution, and more. CityTwin also allows users to connect with the Internet of Things (IoT) and make informed decisions about their local communities. City councils and companies can also use CityTwin for urban planning. Whether you're a resident looking for information about your city or a developer planning a new suburb, SynPlanet CityTwin is your go-to resource.
With SynTravel, you can experience the beauty and significance of cultural destinations around the world. Imagine visiting Stonehenge, then admiring the view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, all in the span of a few minutes. But don't stop there - explore new and exciting places, and share your experiences with the global SynTravel community. Join us on a virtual journey today.
With SynPlanet Metaverse, you can unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and turn your ideas into virtual reality. This platform allows you to build and manage your own virtual businesses, giving you the freedom to design and arrange your virtual store in any way you like. No longer limited by physical space, you can stock your shelves with thousands of different goods, creating a shopping experience that rivals the likes of Apple Store or Louis Vuitton boutique.
Advertising on SynPlanet From garage sale to brand promotion. Take your advertising to the next level: new format and targeting options that will help you reach your desired audience in SynPlanet Metaverse. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a big digital impact with SynPlanet Metaverse.
With SynPlanet Metaverse, entertainment is limitless and accessible to everyone. Our platform offers a wide range of entertainment options, from immersive Disney-like experiences to streaming services and gaming metaverses. Join us in the virtual world and discover endless entertainment with SynPlanet Metaverse.
Dating on SynPlanet Metaverse is a virtual way to meet and connect with others in the virtual world. Users can create and customize their own avatars and interact with other avatars in virtual locations. They can go on virtual dates, explore the virtual world together, and even hold hands or give virtual gifts. Dating on SynPlanet Metaverse allows users to be authentic and vulnerable without the pressure of real-world social expectations. It also allows users to connect with others from all over the world.
At SynPlanet Metaverse, we are committed to promoting sustainability and making the world a better place. We offer a range of tools and resources to help individuals and organizations combat global warming, reduce their carbon footprint, and assist elderly and disabled individuals. Join us in the fight for sustainability and take action with SynPlanet Metaverse.
eGov on SynPlanet is a platform that allows users to access government services in a faster and more convenient way. By logging in to the virtual world, users can visit a government agency's virtual office and receive assistance from a virtual representative. eGov on SynPlanet also promotes better communication and collaboration between government agencies and the public.

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